ATP F100


It’s kind of amazing to me that this truck has been “built” for almost 7 yrs now. I still have so many unfinished things on it, but it’s just so good. Even with some of the dumb little annoying stuff I conveniently never want to fix on it, but still bug me every time I drive it. It really is the face that turned #andrewstuningandperformance into a brand that people want to buy cool #F100 parts from. I’ve got quite a few new things coming soon keep an eye out. #ford #fordf100 #atpf100 #turbo2v #cvswap #crownvicswappedf100 #atpcoiloverkit #atpcustomwiring #atpcustomparts #atpbigbrakekit #f100performance #s550swap #s550irs

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I know how you feel. I have a 66 Effie in the same situation. Don’t want to totally finish it. If I do I probably won’t drive it everyday. Where is the fun in that?

James Delong November 16, 2020

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