ATP rear mount fuel tank install video

We have a brand new F100 rear mount fuel tank available now. This was specifically designed to fit with the S550 mustang IRS rear suspension installed into your F100, but will also fit any other custom suspension setup as well. The ATP F100 rear mount fuel tank assembly can be ordered in both remote side filler option, which will allow you to run your fuel filler to a different location. We will be doing a video soon on building a filler neck to run behind the drivers taillight on the F100. Eventually this will be a part available for purchase. We also have a center bed filler option which allows you to cut a hole in the bed and add a flip up door so you can fill the truck front the bed area. Check out this installation video of the ATP F100 fuel tank. My friend Shawn Griswold put this together during the install he did on his own 1972 F100 build project. (his build can be followed @windblue_72 on Instagram) F100performance F100 Performance 


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