First Ever Tesla Swapped F100

Yes, we are going to attempt the very first Tesla swapped F100. This is our 1972 F100 long bed truck that we are going to document converting into the first Tesla swapped Ford F100 pickup. It needs the long bed shortened and every F100 Performance part installed, but it is going to be fun and unique. Please follow our channel as we document all the different upgrades we make and adding the Tesla motor drive.  

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Well … being a former electric motor mechanic (yes there is such a thing) with General Electric (now retired) I find this intriguing. I’ll follow along. It’s always been difficult to explain to conventional engine people how much abuse & power electric motors make. It’s always been a noise thing I guess or lack of. I dealt with some traction motors for trains for a while … interesting technology. As much as everyone thinks TESLA & E. Musk are innovators … trains have run electric motors powering generators for propulsion for many, many, many years. It’s actually old technology. Tesla dressed it up & repackaged the idea.

Good luck!


Paul February 04, 2021

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