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ATP Custom 92-97 Ford F150 OBS Fuel Tank Assembly


This is the new ATP custom fuel tank for 92-97 Ford OBS trucks. It is essentially a bolt in tank. There is no cutting or modifying, but you do need to drill holes for the mounting flanges to bolt up to the frame. It utilized the factory side filler location and has the proper sizing for the stock filler neck. The tank itself is 21 gallons, fully tig welded aluminum construction. It has internal tank baffling along with a sump basket for the Aeromotive pump assembly. We use the Aeromotive Phantom pump assembly with all our custom ATP tanks for reliability and versatility. If whether you want to run a stock coyote or a twin turbo big block on E85, we can get you enough fuel to the engine no matter what your HP needs are. Refer to the diagram below to help with fuel pump selection. 

For the sending unit we have 2 options. The best method if using the stock gauge cluster is to use our 240-33 ohm sending unit and combine that with the fuel gauge converter box so it can convert the signal and send exactly the right signal based on the16-158 ohm reading that the stock gauge is looking for. 

The 2nd option is to choose the 10-180 ohm aftermarket fuel sending unit. This will be very similar to the stock reading, but you will find the fuel indicator will stay on the Full and Empty markers a little longer. Its fairly close, but not the best option if a precise fuel level indicator is needed. 

HP ratings are for  Flywheel Naturally Aspirated EFI engines running Gas. below is a reference to what BOOSTED Gas and BOOSTED E85 HP capabilities are with each pump option.

Note: INTERNALLY REGULATED FUEL PUMPS ARE ONLY CAPABLE OF SUPPORTING 600HP and are not available in higher HP options. 


600 hp / 450 hp / not recommended

850 hp / 700 hp / 500 hp

1100 hp / 800 hp / 575 hp

1700 hp / 1400 hp / 1000 hp

3300 hp / 2400 hp / 1700 hp

Pump Style:

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