ATP designs

F100 bolt on tow hook

These were designed for everyone with an F100 that wants to go out to do a little road racing. Most every road course requires that vehicles have a tow hook attached to the vehicle to allow for a quick recovery if you go off track or have issues and cannot make it back to the pits. These tow hooks were designed to mount to the front of the F100 chassis just behind the front bumper. They require drilling (2) 7/16 holes to mount with the supplied hardware. These hooks are powdercoated red which is also a normal requirement for many racing organizations. These tow hooks were NOT designed to be used as tie down locations for towing on trailers or other transport devices. They are a temporary pull location in case of being stranded. We have a Passengers and Drivers side hook design, which have the 90 degree bend towards the center of the vehicle to put the hook as close to the center of the vehicle as possible.

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